Bethany Dwinell Jenkins





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WHOLEHEARTED LOVE is the most recent release from Jerichosongs. It was a fun project, released in 2015, and includes an extended track of Bethany playing and singing through Psalm 92, a unique devotional and totally spontaneous recording. 

"Why Jerichosongs?

I was recently asked this question and thought I'd share just a quick explanation.  It has to do with the final day of the "battle of Jericho" in biblical history.  The special strategy that Joshua used was not typical for war; it was following the lead of God, and music.  Praise brought down the walls!  I play and sing with this concept in mind, following the leader and his instructions, and playing powerful music.  There is so much more to this principle, but my basic heart and goal is to bring down walls that try to create barriers between people and the God who loves them! 

Did you know that you have a song?

That there is a song inside you, being sung over you?!  Strange, you say?  I have come to believe that each one of us is completely unique, created by a Genius mind with good intentions and grand Design; and that you have a song just as distinctly as you have DNA!

One of my FAVORITE things to do with music, is "psalmistry".  This is when I, with the help of the Spirit, compose a completely brand new song on-the-spot for someone.  It could be just music, it might have words, it could be a blessing, or a song of hope & identity! 

We have done experiments using psalmistry at local farmers markets and had so much fun! We have seen people visibly touched by the songs that are sung, by a sense of goodness and love and the Presence of God. That is beautiful!